We Are Usually Asked About

Q? I have looked around and I see that there are several companies who provide play equipment. Why should I choose your company?

At Pacific Park and Playground, we have over 60 years of experience in the playground industry. We work closely with you to design the playground of your dreams, with the safety of your children as our top priority. Our team of professionals is with you from design inception to your playground opening, and we are here for your support in the years that follow.

Q? You mentioned safety. Is there a document I can refer to that addresses playground safety?

Yes. We would be happy to provide you with the Consumer Product Safety Commission Handbook to Public Playground Safety. It, in combination with an ASTM publication, makes up California state law on safety. Also, we have provided you with a link on our Home page section that will take you to the government website, if you would like to download a pdf copy.

Q? Well, we have an old playground that seems fine and the children all enjoy it. It looks safe. Why do I have to replace it?

If your playground was installed prior to 2002, you may not be in compliance with current California safety laws. The safety rules are not really intuitive, so even if your playground appears safe, you may be at risk. We can help you make that determination and help protect your liability.

Q? We have a very tight budget. Is it expensive to have you visit our location and provide us with a proposal?

No, this is a complimentary service we provide. Please ask us to visit with you and discuss your project goals and limitations. We will work within your framework to find options that suit your specific needs.

Q? You represent Little Tikes. Isn’t that more for little kids than for our project?

Our commercial play equipment is durable, fun, and attractive. It is tested-tough and built to provide many years of engaging play and problem-free performance. You will find us in municipal playgrounds, county parks, and public elementary schools nation-wide. Please take a moment to review our product warranty. You can find it, as well as photos of some of our structures, in our catalog linked on the Home page.

Q? Ok, I can see you have nice looking play equipment. Who do I talk to about the other aspects of our project?

We provide single-source-of-contact service. We coordinate all the aspects of creating your playground for you, from updating an existing play area to building something brand new from an open patch of grass. Each project is unique, and involves a different set of steps going from design to project completion. Please invite us to discuss your project with you!